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Give That Old Gun A New Accuracy

That old 30-06 in the back of the safe doesn't have to be just a plinker. With our partnered gunsmiths, Rocky Mountain Gun Trader will get your old rifle, shotgun, or handgun the professional TLC and service it needs to work properly.


Need a new scope mount? Tighter groups? New threading or barrel? Our gunsmithing partners work on all guns, old and new, to get you better results at the range and in the field!

Trying for 1 MOA?

If not, you should be. Never underestimate your capability as a shooter. With our gunsmith's expert trigger jobs, re-barreling, and accurizing finishes, you'll get the tight group you know you you can hit for competition or hunting.

New scope? Get it installed professionally

Drill and tap kits are everywhere and they all promise easy instructions and professional results. Don't believe them. Installing a new scope on your rifle and getting the right sight picture is not a do-it-yourself project. Our smiths have years of experience and the professional tools necessary to get a perfect fit for your new glass.

Count on us for professional gunsmithing services. We provide the perfect fit and finish for your gun.   Contact us to take the extra step.

To schedule expert gunsmithing services, contact us today!


Busted trigger? Broken spring?

Our gunsmiths provide replacement components and expert repairs for any and all firearms with quick results that are made to last. If you keep struggling with stove-pipe jams or just can't get through a magazine without an issue, it's time to let our gunsmiths to take a look at your firearm.

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Rocky Mountain Gun Trader Will Give You Expert Services